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Stanley Dreyer


Stan Dreyer has devoted his business and personal energies to organizing, developing, and promoting co-ops everywhere. Whether his station has been as president of the Cooperative League of the United States, board member of the International Cooperative Alliance, international cooperative developer, or officer at the National Cooperative Bank, Dreyer's co-op achievements have been nearly insurmountable.

As CLUSA's president, Dreyer guided the League through an expanded international co-op development endeavor and a domestic common meeting ground for cooperatives of all types. He brought together people from all co-op sectors in conferences and coalitions to share experiences and gain support for co-op development. He also was the founder of the Cooperative Hall of Fame. In addition, Dreyer provided leadership to help found the National Cooperative Bank, worked tirelessly to make it a reality, and went on with great devotion to help the Bank flourish during its formative years.

Throughout his tremendous career with cooperatives Dreyer has been a visionary, a moderator, and a statesman, who quietly but effectively has done much to advance the influence and effect of co-ops in the United States and in the world.

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