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Maurice Smith

Retired CEO

Local Government Federal Credit Union and Civic Federal Credit Union

Credit union leader Maurice Smith worked to improve the economic wellbeing of his membership and his North Carolina community for 40 years. Innovation and compassion were the hallmarks of a career that began at State Employees' Credit Union, and culminated with a simultaneous leadership of two credit unions - Local Government Federal Credit Union and Civic Federal Credit Union.

Congratulatory Listings


The AACUC board of directors and staff salutes the leadership and vision of our immediate past chairman, Maurice R. Smith and his enduring impact on the credit union movement.  Notably, his legacy includes the establishment of the 8th Cooperative Principle.

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Maurice, congratulations on this much-deserved recognition. Your leadership has inspired so many people in the credit union movement, and we would not be where we are today without your thoughtful, passionate and dedicated work. You’ve made all of us better by championing diversity, equity and inclusion and calling on us to take a leadership role to embed it in our DNA.


Maurice Smith is a transformative leader of the credit union movement. Through his lifelong commitment to empowering communities and individuals – including by spearheading the addition of DEI as the 8th Cooperative Principle – Maurice has strengthened the industry immeasurably. Maurice’s induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame is well deserved, and NAFCU thanks him for his many years of service.


Congratulations, Maurice, on your induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame! Your dedication, hard work, and achievements have inspired many in the Carolinas and beyond, and we are grateful for your forward-thinking contributions to the credit union movement. Continue to inspire and excel in all that you do.


Inclusiv honors Maurice Smith for his inspirational leadership and monumental contributions to the credit union movement. His legacy of diversity, equity and inclusion continues to inspire current and future agents of positive change.

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Congratulations from SchoolsFirst FCU on this well-deserved recognition. Your leadership in the credit union movement helped many members achieve lasting financial well-being. Thank you for tirelessly championing financial literacy and affordable services that will benefit generations to come.


Maurice, congratulations on your well-deserved induction into the Hall of Fame. Your impact on cooperatives will be felt for decades to come. We thank you for your industry leadership, and are proud to call you our dear friend and neighbor.


Congratulations! On behalf of the memberships and staff of both Local Government and Civic Federal Credit Unions, we appreciate and recognize your dedication and leadership for more than 30 years. Your legacy of service and leadership will live well beyond the time you served the members and advocated for appreciation and recognition of the local government community of the great state of North Carolina.

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All of us at SECU share our heartfelt congratulations to Maurice Smith on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. We are honored that Maurice began his more than four-decade career at SECU – he’s a trailblazer and a difference maker in this industry, and no one embodies the cooperative spirit and philosophy of “People Helping People” more than Maurice!


The Board Directors and 4,200 employees of TruStage (formerly CUNA Mutual Group) congratulate Maurice Smith on your induction into the 2023 Cooperative Hall of Fame. We applaud and appreciate your selfless and untiring commitment to credit unions, their members, and the broader cooperative community. Your vision and your leadership have put into practice the ideals espoused by Edward Filene, patriarch of America’s credit unions: “Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better.”


Friends of Maurice Smith

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Ashley Ruffin

CIVIC Federal Credit Union

Christiane Gigi Hyland

Craig Beach

Dan Schline

Dave Swanson

Dayatra Matthews

Don Larsen

Doug O'Brien

Dwayne and Donna Naylor

Emily Nail

Garland Avent

Jill Tomalin

Jim and Karen Nussle

Judy Ziewacz

Karen Zimbelman

Karon French

Lamar Heyward

Latasha Cooper

Lauren DeAngelis

Linda Weatherford

Local Government Federal Credit Union

Mary Griffin

Mary Ann Rothman

Michelle L. Schry

Neal Chaloupka

Pete Crear

Pete VanGraafeiland

Sandy N. Streward

Scott Woods

Servant Leader

Devoted to the prosperity of his membership and the wellbeing of his community, Smith followed a path centered on service rather than profit. With a resolute focus on the practical needs of members, LGFCU grew to become North Carolina's fourth largest credit union.

Maurice Smith

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Maurice Smith - Economic Justice
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Maurice Smith - Serious Cooperator
Maurice Smith - Change Agent

Honoring and Planning Committee

Ashley Ruffin

Dan Schline

Mike Mercer

Renee Sattiewhite

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Dan Schline


Carolinas Credit Union League

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