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Linda Leaks


Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Cooperative

Linda Leaks fought for housing justice in Washington, DC for 35 years. An educator and an organizer, she showed apartment renters how to form cooperatives in their buildings. Leaks supported the development of 13 co-ops in 16 years, including the first cooperative in the U.S. formed by public housing tenants.

Congratulatory Listings

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Congratulations to Linda Leaks, DC's own Cooperative Housing (S)Hero!

Linda’s commitment to affordable, safe and consistent housing in the nation’s capital has spanned nearly half a century; she’s helped hundreds of tenants purchase their buildings to form multiple limited-equity cooperatives and helped thousands with other housing justice issues. Linda embodies the collective leadership ideals of the co-op she calls home: the Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Cooperative.

Thanks to Linda Leaks and Other WISH Staff for Saving Affordable Housing.

Washington Innercity Self Help was the only support that many black and brown people had to save their apartments from the wave of gentrification in the 1990s. Founded by 40 local churches, WISH converted 30 apartment buildings into limited equity housing cooperatives. Respect and appreciation to Linda Leaks from the other WISH Staff:


Paul Battle
Martha Davis
Benito Diaz
Rozanne Look
Dominic Moulden
Andy Waxman


Sending Love to our Shero, Linda Leaks!

We join in celebration of Linda Leaks, co-founder of Empower DC, upon her induction into the National Co-op Hall of Fame! Linda, thank you for your incredible contribution to the creation of cooperative housing, community power and a more just and equitable world. We love you!


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DC Housing Co-ops Congratulate Linda Leaks

Linda Leaks, thank you for many years of dedication and sacrifice to teach and work with us to create affordable homeownership. Thank you for helping us save ourselves from gentrification and build great communities. Congratulations!

Spirit of W Street Cooperative

Malcolm X Court Cooperative

1425 T Street Cooperative

Voice of Madison Cooperative

Mandela Cooperative

Nehemiah Cooperative Estates

We Still Have a Dream Cooperative

Harriet Tubman Cooperative

God is in Control at 1256 Cooperative

Champlain Court Cooperative

LDJ Cooperative

1327 Kenyon Street Cooperative

Florian Gardens Cooperative

919 L Street Cooperative

Southern Homes and Gardens Co-op

Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Co-op

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Friends of Linda Leaks

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Ajowa Nzinga Ifateyo

Amanda Huron

Andrea Woody Macko

Brianne Nadeau

Cassandra Burton

Christina Clamp

Doug O'Brien

Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Co-op

Evelyn Morse

Imani Woody Macko

James Wadsworth

Jessica A. Rucker

Joni Eisenberg

Jessica Gordon Nembhard

Karen Zimbelman

Loretta Parker-Brown

Margaret Lund

Martha Davis

Marty Langelan

Mary Griffin

Mary Lisbon

Michelle L Schry

Nicole Clark

Patricia Kinch

Rozanne Look

Sczerina Perot

Takada Harris

Tania Abdulahad

Tereguebode Goungou

Woullard Lett

Warrior for Housing Justice

Known as the "Godmother of DC Housing Cooperatives," Linda Leaks fought for housing justice for more than 35 years.

Linda Leaks

Linda Leaks Intro
Linda Leaks - Organizer, Tactician, Advocate
Linda Leaks - Devoting to Housing Justice
Linda Leaks - Rejecting Powerlessness
Linda Leaks - Founding of WISH
Linda Leaks - Speak Up and Speak Out
Linda Leaks - Public Housing Tenant Advocate
Linda Leaks - Housing as  Human Right
Linda Leaks - Hall of Fame Inductee

Honoring and Planning Committee

Ajowa Ifateyo

Dominic Moulden

Martha Davis

Patricia Kinch

Nominated by:

Ajowa Ifateyo


Ella Jo Baker Intentional Community Co-op

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