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Wallace J. Campbell

(1910 - 1998)


While a graduate student at the University of Oregon, Wallace Campbell organized the first student cooperative residence on campus. From 1934 to 1960, he held several staff positions with the National Cooperative Business Association, including director of the New York and Washington offices. In 1945, he helped organize the original group that launched CARE, and continued to serve that organization for many years, serving as its president from 1978 to 1986. He was an NCBA board member and a permanent representative of the International Cooperative Alliance to the Economic and Social Council of the United States. He was an officer and assistant to the president of Nationwide Insurance, and was president of the Cooperative Housing Foundation.

In 1962, he helped then Senator Humphrey to draft the Humphrey Amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act, which provides help to cooperatives overseas.

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