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Terry Lewis

Inducted 2008

"A law," wrote Henry Ward Beecher, "is valuable not because it is law, but because there is right in it." Terry Lewis has devoted her career as an expert in cooperative law and her keen legal mind to advance all that is right in cooperative ownership. From her work as a practicing attorney, to her eight years as President of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives (NAHC), to her several roles with NCB” Director, Vice President for Cooperative Development, and President of NCB Community Works she has been a steadfast champion of the cooperative movement. A passionate advocate for cooperative housing, Lewis has helped shape public policy, promoting active housing development and ensuring the continuing viability of cooperatives as an affordable housing option for millions of Americans. Her lifelong commitment and sage advice have helped countless people by strengthening the cooperatives in which they live and work.Lewis has held numerous volunteer leadership positions in the cooperative community-with NAHC, the National Cooperative Business Association, and the Cooperative Development Foundation. She is a powerful speaker, a compelling leader, and a trusted resource who has devoted her vast expertise on cooperative development,governance, operations, and law to protect and advance this noble cause.

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