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Katherine Whiteside Taylor


Katharine Whiteside Taylor devoted her life to cooperation, education, children, and peace. As early as 1916 she pioneered the start of a cooperative preschool as a member of the American Association of University Women. She continued as a leader in 1927, organizing California's first cooperative pre-school and becoming its first director. She was a true pioneer of the U.S. cooperative preschool movement.

Over the years she developed family life and parent education programs in Baltimore, Denver, Seattle, and California, and taught early childhood classes focusing on parent involvement. In 1954 she wrote a book for the guidance of parents in co-op preschools that is still in use.

An eloquent speaker, Taylor was always touting the benefits of co-ops. In the late 1950s she began an international newsletter for co-op preschools. In 1960 she set up a conference at which an international organization promoting cooperative preschools, the Parent Cooperative Preschools International, was formed. She served as advisor for this organization for the rest of her life.

Taylor's reach extended far beyond the United States, sharing her expertise in Canada, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe. Children and families from all over the world have benefited from her great foresight, spirit, and knowledge.

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