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Charles Snyder

Inducted: 2012

President; CEO, National Cooperative Bank.

Chuck Snyder joined NCB in 1983 as Corporate Vice President and CFO and played a transformational role in navigating those early years of the Bank's existence and decisively re-positioning NCB to be the complex financial institution it is today that provides full service banking services for cooperative enterprises. He became President; CEO in 1992 and has since lead the Bank and its affiliates through challenging economies while at the same time strengthening existing cooperatives and nourishing new market development. He is responsible for NCB's commitment to Mission Banking, which in 2010 alone accounted for $347 million in direct lending, investments and facilitation of creative transactions to support low- to moderate-income communities.

A strong and vocal advocate for cooperative values and principles, he has consistently looked for opportunities to advance cooperatives in all sectors and he has risen to their defense when cooperatives and their business model have been threatened. A passionate believer in innovation and collaboration, he has served on numerous cross-sector task forces and boards and played leadership roles in achieving such innovative landmarks as the growth of the purchasing/shared services co-op sector, the establishment of the domain name, and the establishment of successful marketing pieces like the Coop 100 that give cooperatives valuable new audiences.

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