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Beryle E. Stanton



Beryle E. Stanton began her professional career in the U.S. Department of Agriculture in 1938. After serving as director of the Farmer Cooperative Service information division for eight years, she became editor of a monthly magazine called <em>News for Farmer Cooperatives, and continued in that position until her retirement in 1971.

Not one to truly retire, Stanton joined the American Institute of Cooperation staff as editor of the AIC's Yearbook, American Cooperation. She transformed the yearbook from a proceedings publication into a complete almanac of cooperative happenings covering major cooperative milestones. She served as the national coordinator for National Co-op Month because she truly believed in the concept of a nationally celebrated observance that allowed U.S. cooperatives of all types to join hands and observe their commonality as people's institutions. Stanton guided Co-op Month from its inception in 1964 to prominence as a national event. Hundreds of cooperative writers, editors, and communicators throughout the country owe a debt of gratitude to her for ideas and know-how she passed on to them.

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