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Tenured Professor of Law, Carmen Huertas-Noble spent her professional career laying the tracks for a sustainable worker cooperative sector in New York City and beyond. Known for her conviction, fortitude and determination, Carmen advocates for worker cooperatives as tools to fight income inequality and to alter traditional power and wealth dynamics. With over 15 years of experience in law, public service has been a cornerstone in Carmen’s career. As a Senior Staff Attorney in the Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center, and an Adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University, Carmen counseled cooperatives in navigating legal entity formation options and on creating democratic governance structures. She has partnered with some of the most innovative grassroots organizations creating and supporting worker-owned cooperatives.


As the Founding Director of the Community & Economic Development Clinic and Professor at CUNY Law School, Carmen has educated and trained over 200 students in cooperative law. As a cofounder of 1Worker 1Vote, Inc., a 501(c)(3) that facilitates the creation of networks of worker cooperatives, particularly union cooperatives, Carmen developed the NY legal model and educated union leaders, government officials, academics, worker co-op incubators and worker cooperators. An invaluable ally for worker cooperatives, Carmen’s insight, experience, scholarship, and tireless efforts are raising awareness of the worker cooperative movement and creating the ecosystem worker cooperatives need to flourish.

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Carmen Huertas-Noble


City University of New York School of Law

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Chris Adams
Mary Lu Bilek, CUNY School of Law
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Celebrating the few who change the lives of many.

Citi applauds the work of Carmen Huertas-Noble and professionals driving the field of employee ownership. We continue to support you and your efforts toward social and economic change.


The CUNY Law faculty congratulates Carmen Huertas-Noble on her induction to the Cooperative Hall of Fame. The community you've built and supported at the Law School, the collective impact of your work across NYC, and the irrepressible leadership you share with the world have changed the way the Law is leveraged for social good. We are proud to have your expertise as a cornerstone of CUNY Law and are inspired by your work.

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The NCBA CLUSA members and staff congratulate Carmen Huertas-Noble on her induction into the 2020 Cooperative Hall of Fame. We applaud you for your dedication to the cooperative movement.


Congratulations Carmen on your induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame!  NYC NOWC, NYC and the cooperative movement are stronger because of your foundational work to strengthen the worker cooperative community and mentor countless cooperative lawyers. We are excited for what’s next!



Congratulations from your former colleagues at the Urban Justice Center's Community Development Project and your friends at Takeroot Justice. Your contributions to the worker cooperative movement - from the cooperatives you've represented to the students you've trained - have been immeasurable. 

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CoBank congratulates Carmen Huertas –Noble on your induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Your service to educate students in cooperative law will benefit the worker cooperative community for the next generation.

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Congratulations Carmen and thank you for your tireless efforts to expand economic democracy and build the cooperative field.

-The ICA Group

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Congratulations, Carmen! New York City has grown to be the largest worker cooperative ecosystem in the nation—growth made possible by your visionary leadership, dedication, and support. Your induction into the Hall of Fame is a measure of your commitment to equity and justice and the potential for worker ownership in New York.

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Missy Risser-Lovings

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