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William G. Wysor



William G. (Bud) Wysor spent an entire career in the service of agriculture firmly believing in the fundamental principles of cooperation and the idea that the objective of farmer cooperatives was a fuller, richer, more independent and happier life for the farmers. He was a man with a great vision who laid the groundwork for the organization that we know today as Southern States Cooperative, Inc. During his 25-year tenure as general manager, he guided the infant farmer-owned cooperative (known then as the Virginia Seed Service) through difficult times. Wysor introduced the concept of open formula feeds and fertilizers- telling the purchaser exactly what ingredients and how much of each was in every bag.

He also served for 13 years as a director of the Central Bank for Cooperatives and contributed greatly to the philosophies and policies of this important credit organization. He served on the board executive committee of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, as a trustee of the American Institute of Cooperation, and as chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Dedicated to building a financially strong cooperative with and for farmers, Wysor could not be lured away by enticing offers from other businesses.

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