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Ralph K. Morris

Inducted: 2002

Ralph Morris was committed to protecting and enhancing the cooperative enterprise throughout his entire 34 years as an attorney. He provided legal counsel to many organizations, always displaying his passion for cooperation. He was a pioneer who went beyond the call of duty to ensure that cooperative solutions were utilized wherever possible.

Ralph was always innovative when finding solutions to the problems facing his cooperative clients. For example, he helped create the first cooperative holding company in the United States, Cooperative Resources International, whose structure today serves as a national model. He was also responsible for the creation of numerous "new generation cooperatives", and played a pivotal role in the restructuring of countless cooperatives to enable them to better serve their members.

Because of his personal commitment to cooperation, Ralph often volunteered his legal expertise, and at other times took his fees only if the newly created co-op succeeded. He spent countless hours educating Boards of Directors and management on cooperative principles. He even wrote legislation that molded and changed cooperative laws to protect and enhance cooperative principles. Undoubtedly, his untiring efforts and unique vision helped shape the cooperative system for years to come.

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