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John Earnest Johnson


John Earnest Johnson, Credit Union Specialist with the Federation of Southern Cooperatives and longtime board member of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions, has long been a tireless advocate for low-income people. For nearly 30 years he has helped establish rural, community-based credit unions and insured their survival, championing the cause of low-income borrowers time and time again.

Overall, Johnson has helped start credit unions that have accumulated more than $14 million in assets and provided more than $50 million in loans to help minimum-wage earners start their own businesses, make improvements on their homes, and finance education for themselves and their children. His efforts have had a tremendous impact.

In addition, he has set up innovative programs to help these community credit unions flourish. Examples include a computer training laboratory, youth credit unions, and training materials sensitive to the needs of low-income and African American credit union members.

Through his volunteer service on national, regional and local boards he further demonstrates his commitment to cooperation and community building throughout the United States. And internationally Johnson has carried forward this commitment to cooperation to South Africa, where he was instrumental in developing credit unions for that country's citizens.

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