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Gordon E. Lindquist


Gordon E. Lindquist has had a great impact on the cooperative movement on the regional, national, international levels. He served as president and CEO of MSI Insurance for eight years, culminating his 35 years with the company. Throughout his tenure, he consistently emphasized MSI's cooperative roots while successfully expanding its business horizons.

Through his active involvement on numerous cooperative boards, he time and again demonstrates his dedication to cooperatives. He has served as chairman of the National Cooperative Bank, regional chairman on the International Cooperative Banking Association, and as a director of Agricultural Cooperative Development International, the Cooperative Development Foundation, and the National Cooperative Business Association. He is also past chairman of the North American Association of International Cooperative Insurance. Admirably, Lindquist has continued with these efforts even after his retirement from MSI.

In addition, he has generously given his time and energy to help establish and assist cooperatives in areas such as the Middle East, China, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Africa, and Central and South America.

Throughout his life Gordon Lindquist has consistently shown wholehearted support for cooperative aims and purposes. His tireless efforts and innovative leadership have certainly enhanced the cooperative movement.

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