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David Smith


David Smith has been an important part of the cooperative movement for more than three decades. Remarkably, all of his efforts have been on a volunteer basis. He served as president of Penn South Co-op for more than 20 years, where he pioneered a program in energy conservation that resulted in significant savings for the co-op and its members. Also in this role he successfully fought to retain the limited equity nature of Penn South, and helped develop a comprehensive senior citizens support program.

Smith was also one of the original organizers of the Coordinating Council of Cooperatives, which brings together leaders of the largest housing co-ops in New York City. He served as vice-chairman when it was first established, as chairman for six years, and now as co-chairman. He also serves as executive vice president of Coordinated Housing Services, a cooperative services organization he helped found in 1976.

Nationally, Smith actively serves on numerous cooperative boards and committees. He has consistently been the lead fundraiser for the Cooperative Development Foundation's 5k race, and in 1994 took on the awesome task of leading the efforts to celebrate the 150th anniversary of modern cooperatives. He has also reached out to rural and producer cooperatives through exchanges with New York City cooperatives.

Without question Dave Smith has strengthened the entire U.S. cooperative movement through his incredible volunteer efforts. His devotion to cooperatives is unwavering, his accomplishments immense, and his actions selfless.

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