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Charles and Eva Rappaport

Inductee 2005

For decades Charles and Eva Rappaport were tireless volunteers and influential leaders of the nation's housing cooperative community. Working as a team, they led the Federation of New York Housing Cooperatives for more than 30 years, Charlie as president and Eva as executive director.

Both were respected and effective advocates for housing cooperatives. As the Federation's leaders, they were instrumental in convincing Congress to create the Cooperative Management Housing Insurance Fund, resulting in millions of dollars of mortgage insurance premiums being returned to section 213 housing cooperatives. In addition, their successful work with moderate income co-ops in New York helped persuade Congress to authorize mortgage programs aimed at creating housing co-ops for low-income families.

Charlie and Eva brought their considerable talents to the National Association of Housing Cooperatives as well. Both served NAHC for many years, leading numerous legislative battles and creating important training and education programs for the association.

They were leaders within their own housing cooperative as well. Charlie served as president for 20 years, although it was Eva who often took the phone calls from residents. They also organized their neighbors at their summer cottage community into the Forest Lake Co-op at Sylvan Lake.

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