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A.W. (Al) Jordan


Alvin W. Jordan was a credit union pioneer for more than 50 years. He served as president of the Iowa Credit Union League from 1954 to 1981, where his outstanding leadership abilities and innovative pioneering spirit furthered the credit union movement. He led the charge into the electronic age with the formation of a data processing service in Iowa which then expanded to serve credit unions in a number of other mid western

states. He was also successful in defending the legality of the share draft in Iowa, setting a precedent for credit union leagues across the country, and helped change the regulatory system in Iowa so that credit unions are under a credit union- rather than bank-superintendent.

Besides his volunteer and professional contributions within Iowa, Jordan was a staunch supporter of credit union activities at the national level. These include serving as director of the CUNA Member Expansion Program, first chairman of the CUNADATA Corporation, and assistance in the formation and continuous participation on the Board of the National Association for Retired Credit Union People. He served for 10 years as president of NARCUP, Inc., an organization dedicated to improving the lives of senior and retired credit union members.

Even in his retirement Jordan continues to show his dedication to cooperatives by actively participating in committee meetings and speaking to credit union groups throughout the nation. Al Jordan's wisdom, foresight, enthusiasm, and commitment to cooperative principles have earned him a place in the Cooperative Hall of Fame.

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