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Paul Hazen

Executive Director of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council

Paul Hazen has devoted his career to elevating the cooperative voice domestically and internationally. From advancing the cooperative identity, directing investments toward cooperative research, organizing communities for collective purchasing power, and measurably benefitting international cooperative development, Paul’s leadership has touched and strengthened every part of the cooperative ecosystem.

Congratulatory Listings


Capital Impact Partners would like to congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Paul is a visionary leader in the cooperative movement who has shaped the landscape abroad, nationally, and locally.


Paul Hazen, few can match your many years of service promoting the cooperative business model around the world.  Your advocacy has carried this important message from the Halls of Congress to seats of government across the globe. 


Congratulations from the people of CoBank. 

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We are delighted to support Paul Hazen’s induction into the Co-op Hall of Fame. As a founding board member, Paul’s leadership helped us grow from 12 congregations in DC to a thriving multi-regional purchasing cooperative that strengthens hundreds of local institutions and the communities they serve.


Land O’Lakes, Inc. is proud to congratulate Paul Hazen and all the 2022 inductees to the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Thank you for your dedication and contributions to our cooperative community.


Heartiest congratulations to Paul Hazen from the National Association of Housing Cooperatives on this well-deserved honor. Your dedicated leadership helps all cooperatives to flourish and to be recognized. Thank you, Paul for all you do to solve community problems through cooperatives.

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National Cooperative Bank would like to congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the 2022 Cooperative Hall of Fame. Thank you for your dedication and innovation in the co-op sector. We value your friendship and thank you for your many years of service on NCB’s Board of Directors. 

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The members of CooperationWorks! congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. We are the direct result of his work to secure authorization for "Rural Cooperative Development Centers" in the Rural Development Act of 1990 which became part of the 1990 Omnibus Farm Bill and Public Law 101-624 on November 28,1990. Thirty-two years later, Centers for Rural Cooperative Development have grown from the initial eight with $1 million in grants to a national network, CooperationWorks!, with 38 organizational members and 18 individual members serving 50 states that have received $150 million in federal funds for rural economic development since 1992.

Alaska Cooperative Development Center

Carolina Common Enterprise


Indiana Cooperative Development Center

Northwest Cooperative Development Center

Steve Dubb

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Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and CUNA Mutual Group congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. During his twenty-five-year tenure at the National Cooperative Business Association, Paul helped to align the broader cooperative community with credit unions especially in legislative efforts to maintain their not-for-profit tax status as financial cooperative institutions. On behalf of America’s credit union members, congratulations on your induction Paul!

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Heartiest congratulations, Paul! It was our pleasure to work with you to make the world a better place through cooperation, national and international. Your leadership has enabled cooperatives to solve problems large and small, brought people together to enhance lives and communities, and to foster independence and pride of accomplishment.  

Alan Zepp

Andrew Brown

Ann Hoyt

Christina Clamp

Christine Neal

Connie Moser

Ed Yaker

Howard Brodsky

Jeannine Kenney

Jerry McGeorge

Jill Stevenson

Joe Bergeron

Judy Ziewacz

Karen Zimbelman

Liz Bailey

Louis Doering

Mary Ann Rothman

Mary Griffin

Maureen & Rob Goyena

Rich Larochelle

Richard Dines

Rosemary Mahoney

Sharon Johnson

Steven Krikava

Walden Swanson & Kate Sumberg

Wilson Beebe

William J. Nelson


Congratulations on your HOF induction from your friends and fans from the NCBA Purchasing Co-op sector. Many wishes for continued success. Cheers to you, Paul.


Evergreen Marketing Group

IMARK Electrical

IMARK Plumbing

Industrial Distributor Cooperative (IDCO)

Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC)

Kevin Higginbotham



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The Capital Group

The Distribution Group (TDG)

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National Co+op Grocers (NCG) offers a big tip of the hat to Paul Hazen for his decades of contributions to co-ops in the U.S. and worldwide. We have all benefited from Paul’s tireless enthusiasm for and creative application of the cooperative model in solving social and economic challenges. Thanks, Paul! 


A heartfelt congratulations to Paul Hazen on his entirely well deserved induction in the Cooperative Hall of Fame. All of us at Organic Valley deeply appreciate his vision, passion, and dedication to spreading the co-op model far and wide! Cheers to you Paul!


Seikatsu Club Consumers’ Co-operative Union in Japan congratulates Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. We appreciate his commitment to maintaining dialogue within the international cooperative community. He demonstrates the true value of “Cooperation among Cooperatives.”


Paul, the OCDC staff thanks you for your leadership and vision in building our organization to where it is today. The Cooperative Hall of Fame induction is a well-deserved honor that recognizes your commitment, both professionally and personally, to the cooperative model and values. We celebrate you — congratulations!

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NCBA CLUSA members and staff congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Thank you for devoting your career to elevating the cooperative voice domestically and internationally. Your leadership has touched and strengthened every part of the cooperative ecosystem. 


The members of the U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC) congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the 2022 Cooperative Hall of Fame! Thank you for your leadership of OCDC and for ensuring the U.S. is a key player in international cooperative development. OCDC members include ACDI VOCA, Equal Exchange, Frontier Co-op, GENEX, Global Communities, HealthPartners, Land O’Lakes Venture37, NCBA CLUSA, NRECA International, and the World Council of Credit Unions.


The entire Federation Family congratulates you, Paul Hazen, on your induction into the 2022 Cooperative Hall of Fame. You are an instrumental part of the cooperative community. We honor the stellar contributions that you have made to advance the cooperative movement.


OCDC’s partners would like to congratulate Paul Hazen on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. His devotion to improving lives through cooperatives has made an incredible impact on lives across the globe.


Bond and Associates

Law Office of Michael S. Edwards

Metro Office

Savalan, LLC (Negin Shakibi)


On the occasion of his induction into the Co-operative Hall of Fame, Co-operators salutes Paul Hazen for his immense contribution to the co-operative movement at home and abroad and for his friendship with Canadian co-operatives.


Congratulations Paul! “Standing on the shoulders of giants” comes to mind when thinking about how best to portray the impact of your work. You’ve made a difference in countless ways during your career and the work of so many others is built on your contributions. Columinate and its member consultants say: Thanks for giving us all a boost!

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Friends of Paul Hazen

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Alex Serrano

Ana Branco

Anna Lorayne Baldus

Andy Reicher

Ann Fedorchak

Ann Hoyt

Barbara Cambridge

Bob Bartlett & Nancy Wenzel

Bob Bedard

Brian Dahlk

Caren & Michael Whalen

Cathy Statz

Catherine O'sullivan

Chris Galanty

Connie Moser

Dave Gutknecht

David Jenkins

David J. Thompson

Deborah McGrath

Ed Yaker

E.G. Nadeau

Ellen Quinn

Gail A. Graham

Gap Kovach

Ginger Gaines-Cirelli

Gregory Carlson

Ian Macdonald

James & Mary Claire Bond

Jane Hoffman

Jane Northern

Jay Kristine Krall Lowenstein

Jean-Louis Bancel

Jim Jones

John Dunn

Judy Ziewacz

Karen Zimbelman

Kathleen Luzik

Lance Rantala

Linda Schakel

Liz & Jim Bailey

LuAnn Werner

Marilyn Scholl

Mark Belling

Martin Lowery

Mary Griffin

Mary Ann Rothman

Michelle L. Schry

Paul Keefer

Paula Blair

Pauline Green

Pete Crear

Peter Dean

R. Davis Taylor, III

Rosemary Mahoney

Russ & Ellen Notar

Sonja Novkovic

Stanley & Gloria Kuehn

Stephen Link

Terry Lewis

Vernon Oakes

Walden Swanson & Kate Sumberg

Wendy Carruthers

William J. Nelson


As a fervent and outspoken voice for all types of cooperatives, Paul represents and promotes cooperatives at home and abroad.

Paul Hazen

Honoring and Planning Committee

Judy Ziewacz

Karen Zimbelman

Liz Bailey

LuAnn Werner

Mary Ann Rothman

Rosemary Mahoney

Vernon Oakes

Nominated by:

Alex Serrano

Senior Vice President, International Programs


On behalf of the OCDC Board of Directors

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