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Woodrow Keown


Woodrow Keown has been a tireless volunteer supporting co-ops for nearly 30 years -- he is truly one of the unsung heroes of the community development, co-op, and credit union movement. He has shown a life-long commitment to building co-ops as a means to help low-income people secure affordable housing, credit, food, and other necessities of life.

Keown was a key figure in organizing his community's credit union (College Station Arkansas, FCU), and has served as its volunteer treasurer/manager for 21 of the credit union's 28-year history. He also helped create several organizations that provide housing, literacy, and other community services in this low-income area. He joined the Federation of Southern Cooperative's board in 1969, and has served as president and chair for over 20 years. He has not missed a board meeting in over a quarter of a century. Similarly, he joined the board of the National Federation of Community Development Credit Unions in 1980 and has helped guide and develop this organization as well.

Keown has given his time and talent during the past three decades and has made a tremendous difference in peoples' lives. He continually demonstrates a profound commitment to grassroots co-ops and a vision of empowerment nationally for low-income and minority communities.

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