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Wilfred E. Rumble



During his distinguished career with the St. Paul law firm of Doherty, Rumble & amp; Butler, Wilfred E. Rumble was a tireless champion of the farmers right to organize and operate cooperative businesses. Toward that end, he worked for years to obtain appropriate enabling legislation. He was instrumental in the organization of such cooperatives as Land O' Lakes and the Central Livestock Association in 1921, Midland Cooperatives in 1926, and the Farmers Union Central Exchange in 1931 and Farmers Union Grain Terminal Association in 1935 (both now CENEX Harvest States Cooperative).

In 1962, more than any other person, Rumble was responsible for obtaining amendments to the Internal Revenue Code that protected the tax status of cooperatives, thereby defeating the hostile efforts of the National Tax Equality Association. He also provided valuable input into maintaining and strengthening the cooperative laws of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Rumble possessed the personality, knowledge and prestige to command the respect of the nations largest cooperatives, thus establishing a united front in counteracting the foes of cooperatives.

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