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Vaughn O. Sinclair


Vaughn Sinclair began his cooperative career in 1953 as general manager of Watonwan Farm Service Co. Through 38 years of dedication and hard work, he converted Watonwan from a small, struggling cooperative into one of the most successful farm cooperatives in Minnesota. During this time Sinclair was also instrumental in a merger of the Minnesota Farm Bureau Service Company with Farmland Industries, which strengthened the patron services for Minnesota farmer cooperatives.

Nationally, he served as an energetic, insightful and active member of Farmland's board for 20 years. Nationwide Insurance also benefited from Sinclair's devotion to cooperation as a board member, as did many other organizations. Internationally, he helped launch the American Cooperative Enterprise Center in Prague, and has vigorously promoted Cooperative Business International. In addition, Sinclair co-founded and was the driving force behind the Homestead Cooperative of St. James, a cooperative housing development built for senior citizens.

For nearly 50 years Sinclair has devoted himself toward making the world a better place through cooperatives. He is a remarkable man who understands the power of cooperatives in improving people's lives, and has used this understanding, along with unwavering determination, to affect lasting change throughout his home state and the nation.

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