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Owen K. Hallberg


Owen Hallberg led a distinguished career as a cooperative leader and educator. He began at the St. Paul Bank for Cooperatives, starting the first newsletter to be published by a bank for cooperatives. He then served as general manager of Dairy Maid Products Cooperative and spent eight years as Director of Member & Public Relations at Land O' Lakes. He always focused much of his energy on communicating the importance of cooperatives.

Hallberg later became Chief Executive of the American Institute of Cooperation at a time when its future seemed questionable. He brought new vitality to the organization through his unselfish devotion and untiring efforts. According to one student, his enthusiasm for cooperatives and the cooperative way of doing business was infectious.

Over the years Hallberg spoke at more than 2,000 annual meetings, institutes, and workshops. He served on Boards such as The Cooperative Foundation, the National Dairy Council, both ACDI and VOCA, and the Minnesota Association of Cooperatives to name a few. He was an active member of the Cooperative Communicator's Association and a founding member of the Wisconsin Federation of Cooperatives.

Throughout his life Hallberg served as a mentor to many young people forging careers in cooperatives. His was a great spokesman for cooperatives, and his efforts in the area of cooperative education go unmatched.

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