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Howard Brodsky and Alan Greenberg


Howard Brodsky and Alan Greenberg are cooperative pioneers who dedicated themselves to helping independent business owners and entrepreneurs succeed. As Co-Founders of Carpet One Floor; Home and CCA Global Partners, they used cooperative strategies to empower independent businesses and in so doing created a unique flexible business model that can adapt across industries, markets and countries.

In 1984 they created Carpet Co-op of America to help independent carpet retailers operate in an increasingly competitive marketplace. This unique purchasing and service co-op was based on the revolutionary idea of providing tools for a member's entire business, including operating systems, training programs, marketing, merchandising and buying. It was incredibly successful.

Brodsky and Greenberg expanded their visionary business model to other industries, and today the multi billion dollar CCA Global Partners includes 16 affiliate companies in the flooring, mortgage banking, lighting, bicycling and non-profit industries. CCA Global Partners is an example of how independent businesses, through their cooperatives, can achieve scale to be competitive with large chains yet retain the entrepreneurial zeal and service of a locally owned business.

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