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Andrew Reicher

Executive Director, Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

Quiet and self-effacing, Andrew Reicher has increased stable, affordable housing for low-income New Yorkers through programs that develop housing cooperatives. Andy generously shares his expertise to increase cooperative homeownership for low-income residents across the U.S.

Congratulatory Listings


Capital Impact Partners would like to congratulate Andrew Reicher on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Andy is a national leader in the cooperative movement who has shaped the affordable housing landscape in New York City and beyond.

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The Diego Beekman Mutual Housing Association, HDFC Board of Directors and the Mott Haven community wishes to congratulate Andy Reicher on an honor well deserved!


Andy - thank you for your leadership, mentorship, and generosity over the last 40+ years. Your vision for community-controlled housing has inspired housing advocates near and far and made an indelible mark on New York City's affordable housing landscape. Congratulations!

Clifford P Charles.png

To Andrew Reicher:

Please accept my congratulations on your well-deserved recognition for your extraordinary and exemplary contributions to affordable housing.

Clifford P Charles CPA


Maine Cooperative Development Partners

Congratulations, Andy! We are so grateful for your cooperation, partnership, and mentorship as we collaborate to develop Maine's first large-scale, new construction limited equity housing cooperatives, Lambert Woods and Douglass Commons.

Your Friends,

Brian Eng, Matt Peters and Liz Trice


Edelman Sultan Knox Wood Architects congratulates Andrew Reicher on his well-deserved induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Your devotion to improving lives through access to stable, affordable housing has made an incredible impact in New York City and beyond.

NCB 1x3.png

National Cooperative Bank would like to congratulate Andy Reicher on his induction to the 2021 Cooperative Hall of Fame. Thank you for dedication to the cooperative housing sector in New York City. UHAB has been instrumental in helping low-income residents gain access to stable, affordable housing through the co-op model. Your dedication to cooperatives have made a huge impact on the lives of many and the cooperative sector. We value your friendship and leadership on NCB's Board of Directors.

WHG Logo.jpg

Our heartfelt congratulations to Andy Reicher for a lifetime of skillful care, devotion and creative action on behalf of low-income shareholders in New York City and beyond. His passion and knowledge have built communities of strength, fairness and equity.

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Friends of Andrew Reicher

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Alan Zuckerman, CPA

Alfonso Rogel-Asencio

Alison Powers

Ana Rosenblum

Andrea S. Levere

Ann Fedorchak

Ann Hoyt

Barry Mills

Beth Sorce

Brian Eng

Brian D. Obergfell

Casey Fannon

Chip Fendler

Christine B. Neal

Chuck Laven

Chuck Brass

Chuck Snyder

Clifford P. Charles

Curtis Wynn

Daphany Sanchez

David J. Thompson

Debbie Bechtel

Dina Levy

Debra Huddleston

Doug Kleine

Doug Reicher & Camille Tisdel

E. Kim Coontz

Ed Yaker

Elise Selinger, UHAB 2010-2014

Elonide C. Semmes

Gigi Hyland

Glenn Kaplan

Gregory J. Carlson

Howard Banker

Hugh Jeffers

Jacqueline Alexander

James Fenniman

Janis Herschkowitz

Jennifer Dolin

John Warren

Josh Ablett

Josh Knerly

Judy Ziewacz

Karen Zimbelman & Chris Copple

Kevin L. Edberg

Larry McGaughey

Leslie Mead

Lisa Picciano

Lynn Benander

Margaret Lund

Mary Ann Rothman

Marc Freidman

Mary Griffin

Martha Davis

Patrick S. Jury

Paul Bradley

Paul Hazen

Philip & Eden Anker

Randall Curtis

Rania Dalloul

Richard Heitler

Rita Reicher

Robyn DesHotel

Rosemary Mahoney

Sally Keller

Samira Rajan, UHAB Board

Stephen Hannock

Susan Wefald

Terry Lewis

The McIntosh-Pohl Family

Theresa Kilbane & David Calvert

Thomas A. Fink

Tom & Mary Reicher

Walden Swanson & Kate Sumberg

William J. Nelson


During his four decades at the helm of the Urban Homesteading Assistance Board, Andy helped design policies and programs that grew New York City's low-income resident-owned/run housing cooperatives from several dozen to more than 1,300 buildings, providing homeownership and permanent affordability to more than 30,000 households.

Reicher: A Champion for Affordable Housing

Honoring and Planning Committee

Brian Eng

James Fenniman

Chuck Laven

Alison Powers

Mary Ann Rothman

Chuck Snyder

Nominated by:

Anya Irons

Deputy Executive Director

Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

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