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2020 Virtual Cooperative Hall of Fame FAQs

Cooperative Development Hall of Fame - J

Do you have to register for the NCBA CLUSA Virtual IMPACT Conference to access the ceremony?

No. You can attend the Virtual Cooperative Hall of Fame Ceremony by purchasing a ticket

How will virtual ticket holders access the ceremony?

A streaming link will be emailed to virtual ticket holders.


What makes the Hall of Fame special is sharing the event with family, friends and colleagues. How will a virtual event emulate this? 

CDF has added a new sponsorship option for congratulatory videos. Individuals are able to purchase 30-second videos to congratulate their inductee. Videos will be posted on each inductee's web page and is due on October 1. 


For individuals interested in self-recording a congratulatory video, we recommend the following:

  • Record on your phone or computer

  • Record the video in landscape (16x9)

  • Allow for a wider shot/more head room that includes your chest and above

  • Make sure there is no direct sunlight or light from behind

Please submit your video here.


Will the 2020 Inductees be invited to the 2021 Hall of Fame?

Yes. We will reserve a portion of the 2021 Hall of Fame ceremony to recognize the 2020 inductees.


Typically, the Cooperative Issues Forum includes a panel featuring inductees as part of a day long Hall of Fame celebration. Will this panel be done virtually?

Yes. The panel will continue as planned on October 8 from 12:30pm - 1:30pm. The live panel will be moderated by NCBA CLUSA president and CEO, Doug O’Brien. Attendees will have an opportunity to ask questions.


Since a virtual event doesn’t include a banquet, what will happen to table sponsors?

While in person congratulations will not be possible this year, table sponsors may invite 8 virtual guests per table.  Each guest can record 30-second congratulatory videos for the inductee of his or her choice. The guests will also be recognized in a “friends of” listing and given streaming links for the virtual event on October 8. The organization sponsoring the table will be recognized on the home page, 2020 inductee landing pages and at the Virtual Hall of Fame Ceremony. 


Without a physical event, how will sponsors receive recognition?

A virtual event allows us to provide recognition to our sponsors in a variety of way. View our updated sponsorship packages on our sponsorship and tickets page.

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