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Dan Waddle

Senior Vice President of NRECA International

For over 40 years, Dan Waddle’s passion has been to improve living conditions and stimulate income growth in rural communities by supporting community-owned, affordable, and sustainable energy solutions. Understanding the power of the cooperative business model in developing countries, Dan has drawn from this academic and professional experience to expand cooperative electrification across 40 countries impacting 100 million people.

Congratulatory Listings


Congratulations, Dan Waddle on this well-deserved recognition.  Your tireless work has helped provide millions of people around the world access to a better life through NRECA’s International electrification efforts.


The people of CoBank salute you.


Congratulations to Dan Waddle as he joins the CDF Hall of Fame.

Spanning four decades, NRECA International has led the development of scalable and sustainable electrification programs that have improved education, health care, safety, and economic opportunities for 160 million people in 48 countries.

Dan's leadership of NRECA International and his personal commitment to global electrification will inspire others to embrace and carry on the cooperative principles.

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NCBA CLUSA members and staff congratulate Dan Waddle on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Your commitment to creating vibrant and sustainable energy solutions for rural communities has made an indelible impact on millions of people. Thank you for your work in expanding cooperative electrification across the world.


Congratulations Dan! The U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council is honored to celebrate your induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. Thank you for your dedication to sustainable and scalable rural electrification programs that improve education, health care, safety, and economic opportunities in communities across the world.


For your unwavering dedication, steady leadership and genuine compassion for others, we thank you. Oklahoma’s electric cooperatives are grateful for your steadfast commitment to the cause of international electrification. Thank you, Dan – keep letting that light shine! Congratulations!


The U.S. Overseas Cooperative Development Council and its members congratulate Dan Waddle on his well-deserved induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame!


Equal Exchange

Frontier Co-op


Global Communities


Land O’Lakes Venture37


NRECA International

World Council of Credit Unions

Statewide Rural Electric Cooperative Associations Congratulate Dan Waddle

From the hundreds of electric co-op directors, linemen, engineers, managers and other employees who have served as volunteers in Latin America, Southeast Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa, we congratulate Dan Waddle on his induction into the Cooperative Hall of Fame. 

Alabama Rural Electric Association of Cooperatives

Association of Illinois Electric Cooperatives

Association of Missouri Electric Cooperatives

Colorado Rural Electric Association

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas

Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi

Florida Electric Cooperatives Association

Georgia Electric Membership Corporation

Indiana Electric Cooperatives

Iowa Association of Electric Cooperatives

Michigan Electric Cooperative Association

Minnesota Rural Electric Association

North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation

Ohio’s Electric Cooperatives

Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives

Oregon Rural Electric Cooperative Association

Texas Electric Cooperatives

Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives

Wisconsin Electric Cooperative Association

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Friends of Dan Waddle

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Andrew Herscowitz

Anita Nzeribe

Chris Christensen

Chris Hammon

Chuck Dawsey

Edgardo Masongsong

Gail Paine

Jim Matheson

Jeffrey Connor

Joe Martin

John Szczur

Karen Zimbelman

Ludovico Lim

Martin Lowery

Mary Griffin

Paul Hazen

Nobles Cooperative Electric

Nyabutundu BK Wilson

Ron & Connie Schwartau

Russ Nielsen

Sheldon Petersen

Thomas Halverson

Tony Anderson

Valerie Parks

Co-op Electrification Champion

Dan and his team at NRECA International have provided safe, reliable, and affordable electricity to more than 160 million people in 40 countries including the Philippines, Bangladesh, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

Dan Waddle

Honoring and Planning Committee

Chris Christensen

Chuck Dawsey

Jeffrey Connor

Jim Matheson

Martin Lowery

Ron Schwartau

Nominated by:


Charles Dawsey

CEO, retired

Benton Rural Electric

Ron Schwartau


Nobles Cooperative Electric

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